Born in the Washington, D.C area and raised in Nashville, Dr. Dan Hodges has built a creditable reputation as a music industry professional over the past 30 years. Hodges received his undergraduate degree in music business, at Middle Tennessee State University, a Masters of Business Administration from the University of North Alabama, and a Doctor of Business Administration degree in International Business from Liberty University. He began his career as manager of BMG Music Publishing’s catalog and tape room. After showing an exceptional ability to cast songs for various artists, Dan was ultimately promoted to Professional Manager. Having flourished in that position, in 1997 Dan completed a successful five-year stint at BMG.

Always looking for opportunities that allow him to grow professionally, Dan set out to increase his contacts and experience by accepting a position as Creative Director for legendary Muscle Shoals R&B producer/publisher Rick Hall’s company, Fame Music Publishing.

In 1999, following a 2 year run at Fame, Dan was hired by Hall of Fame Songwriter and veteran publisher Roger Murrah, becoming Creative Director of Murrah Music Corporation. During this stint with Murrah, Dan placed notable songs including the hits “Where Would You Be” (Martina McBride) and “I’m a Survivor” (Reba McEntire). Dan’s tenure with Murrah was briefly interrupted, while he took some time to help form Create Real Music, an independent publishing company. During his time at Create Real Music, Dan discovered and signed Grammy award winning songwriter Chris Tompkins to his first publishing deal. After two years, and encouragement from Murrah, Dan returned to Murrah Music Corporation and held the position of Vice President, Creative until April 2008.  Murrah’s writing staff included current country star Luke Bryan. During his time at Murrah, Dan started the co-venture Large Opportunity Music and signed songwriter Rachel Thibodeau. Dan was able to place the song “Good Directions” that Thibodeau and Bryan cowrote with Billy Currington, which went on to become a 3 week #1 and the ASCAP 2008 song of the year.

After his time at Murrah Music, Dan decided to start his own publishing/consulting firm. Dan Hodges Music opened its doors on April 15, 2008. DHM builds music careers and catalogs in conjunction with its clients through the development of their songs and networking of their writers.  In addition to many cuts since opening DHM, Dan had the opportunity as an A&R consultant for Broken Bow Records from 2009 to 2010 working closely with owner Benny Brown searching for songs for the label’s artists including Jason Aldean and Ash Bowers.  In late 2009 Dan shopped client The Bicycle Music Company’s artist/writer Josh Kelley for a country record deal.  As a result,  Josh was signed by Universal Music Nashville in November 2009.   Kelley’s first single, “Georgia Clay” was released Fall 2010 and went to #15.  After Kelley left Universal in 2014, Dan shopped him to Sugar Hill Records and produced the XM radio top 5 single “Mandolin Rain”.  Dan also Co-Produced Jason Charles Miller’s debut album for Render Records in 2011, which spawned the charting single “Up To Me”.

Dan has successfully placed songs on albums generating over 10 million units in sales throughout his career. Among those songs are the hits “Where Would You Be” by Martina McBride and “I’m A Survivor” by Reba McEntire, which became the theme song for her hit television show, Reba. He was also responsible for pairing artist Rachel Proctor with songwriter Chris Tompkins for cowriting, resulting in Rachel’s hit single and video “Me and Emily.” Dan Hodges Music, LLC.  enjoyed success with Billy Currington’s ASCAP 2008 Country Song of the Year and 3 week #1 “Good Directions” and songs recorded by Keith Urban, Chris Young, Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts, Lila McCann, Blaine Larsen, Kenny Rogers, The Isaacs, Carmen Rasmusen, Andy Griggs, Buddy Jewell, Jill King, Little Texas, Dianna Corcoran (Sony, Australia), Jill Johnson (Lionheart Records, Sweden), Swedish Pop artist “The Gentlemen”, Katharine McPhee(American Idol finalist), Pinmonkey and Marie Osmond, as well as two songs on Martina McBride’s “Waking Up Laughing” album which is certified Gold.   As a result of Dan’s efforts, other songs have been recorded by George Jones, Randy Houser, Buddy Jewell, Clay Walker, Colin Raye, Jeff Bates, Dean Brody, Blake Wise, Lauren Lucas, Tracy Lawrence, Ricky Van Shelton, Doug Stone, John Anderson, South 65, Keith Harling, Chad Brock, Shannon Brown, and Mark Chesnutt.

In addition to his success at placing songs in his career, Dan has proven that he has an exceptional skill in discovering talented songwriters before they happen. Among those Dan has discovered and signed to their first publishing deals are Grammy winners Josh Kear and Chris Tompkins (cowriters who penned ASCAP 2007 Song of the Year “Before He Cheats” for Carrie Underwood), Victoria Banks (sole writer of the Sara Evans smash “Saints and Angels”), Rachel Thibodeau (the writer of the 3 week #1, ASCAP 2008 Song of the Year “Good Directions” for Billy Currington as well as 2 songs for Martina McBride) and most recently Ryan Griffin and Jason Duke(cowriters of #1 “Dibs” by Kelsea Ballerini).

Dan, his wife Susan, and their children, Josie, Lillian and Galen reside in the Nashville area.